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Where to shop for baby in Rehoboth Beach DE | Sussex County Birth Photographer

If you've ever walked The Avenue in Rehoboth Beach DE you know all of the adorable and charming shops there are throughout. The Lilypad is one of those adorable shops featuring baby and children's clothing up to size 8 (for now). You can also find beautiful picture books, the softest stuffed animals, and many other useful things to have around when you have little kids!

Inside The Liliypad Children's boutique in Rehoboth Beach DE

For a very long time Rehoboth Beach has been a destination and retirement community for older ones but within the last 5 or so years younger families have started flocking to the area from larger metropolitan cities. It's been a pretty exciting time to watch Sussex County DE grow. But there still seems to be a lack of resources for families that are expecting or postpartum so I want to highlight some of the people and businesses that do serve that area!

I reached out to Kim to see if she would be interested and I'm so glad she agreed! It was lovely meeting and getting to know her. It turns out that we have a daughter and son of the same exact ages! If you're local to Rehoboth or Sussex County, or if you go for a visit, make sure to check out the Lilypad!

Shopping at The lilypad Children's boutique in Rehoboth Beach DE

Me: Would you mind starting by giving everyone a little introduction about yourself and the shop?

Kim: Sure! My name is Kim Carry, I live down here in Rehoboth for about 22 years and I also worked on The Avenue for about that long too. I felt like there's missing something of a really nice kids' store in Rehoboth so I'm hoping to bring that here. This is the third year that I've owned the store. A little bit about me, originally I'm from upstate New York, I went to the University of Delaware and my degree is actually in economics. I had my kids who are now 6 and 3 and that's how I ended up doing a kid store! I wanted them to have somewhere fun for them and somewhere I was very proud of the clothing they are wearing, high-quality stuff.

Kim Carry owner of the lilypad in Rehoboth beach de

Me: That's so nice! I had been in here once, it must have been my son was a baby because he's 3.

Kim: Yeah, so the Lilypad itself has been here since 1983! It's had about 5 different owners in that time. It's kind of nice now because people will come in and say they remember when my mom shopped here for me! So it has been around for a long time but it's my third year of owning it.

Me: Oh ok! That's awesome. So what's your favorite thing about being the owner of the Lilypad?

Kim: Definitely seeing my repeat customers and getting to know them and their families. It's amazing seeing the kids grow up! Especially because when I first opened and the moms would come in that were pregnant. And then with the pandemic, I didn't see them for a year and now they come in and their babies are little kids now! That's definitely my favorite part!

Me: Do you get a lot of people that are for the summer vacationing or more locals?

Kim: It's both! I would say 50/50. In the off-season, it's definitely more of my locals. At the peak of the season, it's people from all over, which is why I'm starting my website just so that when they come in, they can come back and shop again if they had a great experience!

Me: That's awesome. Do you have advice for other moms who may be entrepreneurs or needing to balance the working mom life?

Kim: I mean, it's definitely challenging! I'm not going to lie. I've always been a hard worker and if you're not a hard worker it's... I mean 90% of the time it's wonderful and I love what I do but it's hard! You definitely have to have structure for you and your kids. I am very blessed here in Rehoboth. I have one little girl who goes to kindergarten right here in Rehoboth. And my son is in a little preschool right in Rehoboth and everything is very close by for me so it's easy. But I'm also not going to miss something of theirs if they have a concert or something and I can't find someone to come in for me I will close the store. My kids come first, as any mom would say. But it's also rewarding in teaching them to work hard. They know that mama goes to work every day and they know some weekends I'm not home with them because I'm in the store. But they learn that and that's a good discipline for them in their life!

sweet items  you can find inside the lilypad childrens boutique in rehoboth beach de

Me: Yes, love that. I agree. So what three words would you use to describe yourself and what three words would you use to describe the shop?

Kim: hmm... myself... that's a good question! The shop I would say is eclectic, upscale for a children's store and everything is unique I put a lot of thought into what I put in the store. I don't buy things on a whim all the brands I have I absolutely love them. It should be a place where people come in and feel good. And it's a little bit soothing, tranquil in here with the plants and just a nice space to be in!

Me: I definitely feel that!

Kim: Oh good! Me... I don't know I'm a hot mess! I'm definitely a mom. I like owning a business and working hard! having something that is mine. I probably work 10-12 hours a day in the store. If it's not in the store it's at home in my office but I LOVE it! I couldn't maintain something like that if I didn't love what I was doing.

Me: One thing I've been enjoying asking everyone that I interview is what is one thing you want every woman to know?

Kim: That I think they are beautiful! I mean it's a simple thing but it's an amazing thing to be a mom. I had my children late in life and I really enjoy speaking and getting to know everyone that comes in!

Me: I love that. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Kim: No, but this was fun! I've never been good at talking about myself.

contact information for the lilypad children's boutiqe in rehoboth beach de

Me: Oh, you did great! If people want to connect with you or the store what's the best way to do that?

Kim: Probably Instagram which is @lilypadcb the "cb" stands for children's boutique!

Me: Great! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

If you want to check out what the lilypad has in the store but aren't local, here's the link to their website!

Exterior sign for the lilypad children's boutique in rehoboth beach de

"The moment a child is born, a mother is born also."

much love,


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