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new mom holds her baby after their home birth in the water in MD



big sister cuts the umbilical cord after this home birth in MD

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I know! You are super busy and have a sooo much to do before the baby is born... I get it! I've been there and done that, twice!

I want to set your mind at ease... Here's what you get in your birth keeper package!

1. We will meet up for coffee, or at your place if you don't feel like going anywhere and get to know each other, no strings attached!

2. After you book we will schedule a prenatal appointment to talk about your birth wishes, comfort measures, and whatever else you need!

​3. Once you're 38 weeks I'll be available any time, day or night! If you have a question- shoot a text. If you think you're in labor, call me!!

4. Once you're in labor and we decide it's time for me to come I'll be there for however long it takes and I usually stay about 2 hours postpartum. 

5.When you're home and ready for me, I'll come over for your postpartum visit, we can talk about how your birth went, how your healing is going, I can help around the house and we will look at your images (if you're ready!) 


Whether this is your first child, or 7th or somewhere in between you deserve to supported emotionally and physically, advocated for, and comforted during your birth. That's why I became a Birth Doula. 

I know how important it is to you for these moments to be remembered for years to come. That's why I'm a birth photographer. 

Ready to add a birth keeper to your birth team or have more questions to see if I'm a good fit? 

Let's schedule that consultation!

Birth keeper packages start at $1500.

Payment plans are available.

big sister listens to the heartbeat of her little sister during the newborn exam after their home birth in MD

Having a baby and wondering if I service your area? Here's a list of the hospitals I travel to:

  • TidalHealth Peninsula Reginal

  • Bayhealth Kent & Sussex

  • Beebe Medical Center

  • Easton Memorial 

For homebirths and in home sessions:

  • Anywhere on the Eastern Shore of MD

  • Sussex County & Kent Counties DE

  • Accomac County VA

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