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Olivia Sens, Photographer and Doula serving Wicomico County, MD

meet your birth keeper

I'm Olivia, a native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a mom of two kids, and a little obsessed with birth. I love it when moms have empowering births and the fact I get to document it all is a dream.

Birth support and photography can look very different from birth to birth, so I hope we can meet and go over what works best for you! As a photographer, I tend to be a fly on the wall documenting your story with as little distraction as possible. My goal is to support you before, during, and after your birth while capturing as many real moments as possible. 

I am not always a "look for the bright side" type of person but I definitely found the silver linings from the pandemic life. It gave me the opportunity to dive into my passion and become the birth worker I've always wanted to be. So here I am as a certified doula and birth photographer hoping to be your birth keeper. 

Storytelling is very important to me as a photographer and carries over to all my sessions. I will give gentle direction and prompts to allow everyone's true personality to shine! I always include a blooper or two because #reallife. 

I'm so honored that you're here and I cannot wait to meet you and your family!

Can i tell you my story?

My daughter was born in 2015 and it was the most beautiful moment of my life. I had an unmedicated birth at the hospital with my husband and my mom at my side. Actually, my mom was hysterical. You should ask me about it sometime. I felt so empowered and PROUD.

Guess what!?

 I don't have any photos of it besides a few blurry cell phone pics. I know those feelings I had when she was born are still there but they are fuzzy. 

I just had the most important moment of my life go by and I do not have any pictures. 

Mom holding her baby for the first time in the hospital
A couple try different movements
A mother labors in the tub while her partner supports her during an unmedicated hospital birth
A mom is handed her baby for the first time after an unmedicatied hospital labor

When I had my son I knew I had to have a photographer. After the beautiful birth I had with my daughter I imagined this one going even better! I was so wrong, It was the HARDEST thing I've ever done. 


I have photos of my husband supporting me, I have photos of the laughs we had that I had forgotten about, I have photos of my son as he was born and my husband put him on my chest, I have photos of my husband's tears that I had no idea were there

When I look at those photos I still feel empowered and PROUD even though his birth didn't go the way I expected.

And I knew from that moment that I want every mother to feel empowered and PROUD after their birth, no matter what it looked like. I want every mother to remember the laughs, to see the support, to see the tears, and the moment they get to hold their baby for the first time.


And although I am passionate and believe all mothers should have birth photography because the benefits far outshine any perceived cons, this is my why for all my sessions. I value each person of the family but my goal is to make mama shine throughout the session. 

Want to feel empowered and proud after your birth experience? Click the button-->

Olivia Sens, photographer and Doula with husband Dustyn Sens

some extra bits...

  • I'm married to my high school sweet heart (except I was homeschooled)


  • I would love to have a little homestead, but I can barely keep my houseplants alive

  • Sacasm and videos of people falling get me out my depressed times

about my work

I studied birth photography under two of the greatest birth photography organizations, The Beauty in Birth and Birth Becomes Her. 

My doula training and certification is through our very own Certified Professional Midwife, Chloe French of Being and Born. I'm also currently enrolled in the Birth Arts International Childbirth Education certification course. 

I am constantly looking for ways to continue my education within photography and doula roles. I have taken a Spinning Babies workshop so I can help my clients have as painless and efficient births as possible. 

My photography work has had made finals in The Everyday Birth Magazine. As well as High Professional Standard category for the Internation Birth Photographer of the Year Competition. 

Birth Becomes You Certified Birth Photographer
The Beauty in Birth Certified Birth Photographer
International Association of Professional Birth Photographers
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