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The second trimester... feeling better? | Birth Photography Salisbury, MD

Ahh, the second trimester. Hopefully, your morning sickness is starting to subside, your energy may be rising a bit, and you're feeling a little bit more yourself.

Most women say that the second trimester is their favorite because they feel the most like themselves! Plus you get that beautiful glowy skin and pregnancy hair!

Of course, because it's so enjoyable the second trimester goes by in a blink of an eye! So what are some things that you might want to do now in your second trimester?

  1. If you haven't already, tell the world! You can spend hours scouring pinterest for the perfect way to announce or maybe just post that pic of you and your pregnancy test! Celebrate and let everyone celebrate with you!

  2. Hopefully you had a chance to look over the list of providers I mentioned in the 1st trimester post and choose one, if not you will definitely want to do that now!

  3. This is also the perfect time to choose the rest of your birth team! Are you planning on having a photographer or doula? Start interviewing them now to ensure they are available for your dates!

  4. You'll also want to schedule your childbirth classes, whether in person or online, your CBC will help you sooo much when it's time for you to have your baby! If you're planning a hospital birth it's a good idea to check out the class your hospital offers so you can see what options they have, hospital policy, and where everything is located! Beyond Childbirth ed classes you can also look into breastfeeding classes, postpartum care, infant care, etc!

  5. Think about whether you want to have maternity and newborn sessions and schedule those!

I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy and thinking about the little life that you'll be bringing into the world!

"The moment a child is born, a mother is born also."

much love,


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