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6 Reasons to see a Chiropractor during Pregnancy, Meet Dr Iman. | Salisbury MD Birth Photographer

Unfortunately, I found out about Dr. Iman after my kids were born but that's ok! I still went to her and took my two kiddos too! (and I reallllly need to go back) Chiro care is so essential while you're pregnant and being the only Webster Certified Chiropractor in our area I knew I had to include her in this series and was so happy she was able to do it! Dr Iman has an office in Salisbury, MD and Berlin, MD! The photos in this article are from the Berlin location.

Me: Tell us a little about yourself and the work you do!

Kristin: I was born and raised here on the eastern shore of MD. I love doing all the eastern shore things like going to the beach, fishing, paddle boarding and boating. If there is water then count me in! My husband and I have been together for over 10 years and married for almost 3. We have 2 dogs, Tia and Gus that keep us entertained, on our toes and grounded all at the same time. We recently just moved from our very first home of 9 years and are slowly getting settled in our new! Moving is hard work!!

On a more professional side, I am a board certified Pediatric Chiropractor. I have completed over 220 post-doctoral class room hours (and counting) specifically in pediatric, pregnancy and family wellness care. I am also certified by the International Pediatric Association in the Webster Technique (2010 then again in 2018 just for fun)! I also took a course to become a certified birth doula many years ago. This additional training has given me a few more tricks to help my pregnant patients in the office since being on-call does not go so well with running a chiropractic practice.

I continue to expand my knowledge and learn to help others. Due to our own struggle to become parents, I have discovered the world of chiropractic and in-fertility. I have taken many courses and completed certifications to help couples create health for themselves utilizing a specific 120 day protocol. Healthy couples create healthy babies so creating healthy couples is my goal! In addition to that approach, I am also a Mercier Therapy Practitioner. Mercier therapy is a pelvic manipulation technique that creates blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Me: Can you tell us about how chiropractic care can help with fertility, prenatal care and postpartum? (here are the 6 reasons you should go to a chiropractor while you're pregnant!)

Kristin: (1) Chiropractic itself allows for a properly functioning nervous system. When joints are not moving properly nerves can be pinched and not functioning properly and movement in our spine and pelvis can be restricted. We want to make sure all the signals from our brain to our body and body to brain are free from interference and are flowing freely. When we are out of alignment that can impede those signals as you could imagine. Organs can be affected, muscles, tendons, ligaments etc...

(2)In addition to the chiropractic adjustments, I take a functional medicine/holistic approach to help couples gain their health back to create those healthy eggs and sperm. Not only are we adding supplements and clean eating but we discuss the importance of mindset, hydration, rest, movement and much more!

(3)As far as prenatal care many women experience pain relief. That is one of the main reasons they start care. Once they are on my table I explain to them how the pelvis functions and the ligament attachments of the pelvic organs. Many people have heard of Webster technique and want that done during pregnancy. For those that don't know it's a technique that helps balance the pelvis during pregnancy but I use this on everyone! Many know it as the technique to get a baby head down. While yes it can help, we are not actually doing anything with the baby. Bringing proper function back to the pelvis with chiropractic adjustments and specific ligament work allows for proper positioning of the uterus and in return could allow for more space in the pelvis for the baby to get into that optimal head down position.

(4)Many women experience faster and easier labors with chiropractic care due to the pelvis and spine functioning properly. Once a pregnant mom is told that, they are ready to sign up for care! I mean, who wouldn't!? I love it when a new pregnant practice member tells me their midwife referred them! The midwives get it!! It's awesome to see more and more are referring because they see the benefit.

(5)Many ask how soon can they get back in once that baby has been born. My answer is always "As soon as you are comfortable doing so". Everyone is different. Some stop and see me before heading home from the hospital some wait a few weeks. If baby was born via cesarean. we can work with that as well. Again, it goes back to mom's comfort level. I do recommend all moms to come get their post-partum check as soon as they can to help with their recovery. I also strongly encourage them to work with a pelvic floor therapist soon after giving birth.

(6)Another common question is "how soon can the baby be checked?". Babies can be checked and adjusted as soon as they make their entry into the outside world! I have adjusted babies only hours old. I also highly suggest this happen within the first week of birth. Getting them checked sooner can help with any breastfeeding issues that may come up among many other concerns that new babies can present with. When mom and baby are feeling good the transition for both makes life much easier!

Me: What brought you to this work? Did you always want to be a chiropractor?

Kristin: No! As a kid I wanted to be a teacher! I loved kids and babysitting. Then when I was in high school and college I considered becoming a Physical Therapist. I loved how the human body worked and learning about all the muscles and organ systems. I interned at a few Physical Therapy facilities in Salisbury over about a year. Something clicked at the last clinic I was interning at and I could not see myself following that path. I finally realized in my last year of undergrad that I would go on to chiropractic school. I am not sure why it didn't come to me sooner as my mom had worked for the same chiropractor since I was 4 years old. Once I was old enough I started working in that same office. As many know that office is the one I currently run my practice in now!

Now, back to what brought me to this work, specifically pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic. It all goes back to my love for those kiddos! While I was in chiropractic college I heard of a pediatric certification that was offered by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and I could start while I was in my last year of school and finish soon after graduation. The first class I took was far more than I imagined. I was so excited to learn more specifically about kids that I didn't look at the entire course schedule. I had no idea there were multiple classes on prenatal care! One of the courses was Webster Technique. The leader of the ICPA, the late Dr. Jeanne Ohm was the instructor. She is the reason I am so passionate about all things pregnancy, birth and preconception. She and the entire ICPA community (but mostly her!) changed my world! I changed the course of my career after her seminar. I was lucky enough to retake that same seminar just a few years ago with her. Not because I had to but because I wanted to. I am grateful I did as not long after that we heard of her decline in health and her ultimate death that rocked the world of our enormous group of ICPA doctors. I will be forever grateful to her for leading me down this path.

Me: What would life look like without chiropractic care for the women you serve?

Kristin: I am not sure I want to even imagine that! From the pain relief to pelvic alignments that have helped with baby positions to the sense of empowerment our moms feel when they trust in their bodies. The women that have been struggling with fertility getting pregnant just by adding chiropractic care! I don't know that I could continue what I do daily if I didn't receive chiropractic care regularly.

I myself have had many struggles and I have had to find people on my own that could teach me and help me find my root causes and then heal them. It wasn't always a traditional approach (actually it was never a traditional approach). Ultimately, I have learned from my own health issues to help others in similar situations when no one else in the medical world could help me. ***This is in no way bashing those professionals as they are very much needed in many circumstances.*** Some say I do more than "just" chiropractic but to me it's all about our body's innate ability to heal itself when given the right tools to do so. If it wasn't for chiropractic, those women I serve and myself would still be looking for answers and still struggling.

I rambled a bit on this one and got a little off track but I love what I do! I also love that I have the ability to help others in a way that took me years to figure out and learn outside of my traditional education as a chiropractor.

Me: If you could change one thing about the maternal standard of care-prenatally or postpartum- what would it be?

Kristin: Hmm good question! Back to the previous question. Women need to know their bodies are powerful and can do some amazing things. We need more providers that encourage that and support women to allow them to trust their bodies and feel empowered. Stop treating pregnancy as an illness and let it be the amazing miracle that it is.

Of course I would add chiropractic for all pre and post as well as pelvic floor therapy!

Me: What’s something you want all women to know?

Kristin: I think I have touched on this a lot in previous questions. Our bodies are amazing and have an innate ability to heal. Find those providers that feel the same!

Me: If you were stranded on a deserted island what 5 things would you HAVE to have?

Kristin: My paddle board! If there is water around me at all times I may as well enjoy it! Something sharp to cut down and cut open coconuts (please tell me there are coconuts!). My husband and my 2 dogs!

Me: Is there anything else you want to add?

Kristin: I think I have rambled on enough! Haha!!

Me: How can people connect with you?

Kristin: You can follow us on instagram @imanchiropractic and our facebook page, Iman Family Chiropractic & Wellness. I can also be reached at and of course by calling our office at 410-749-6672. And our Website!

Thank you Dr. Iman for serving our community and for taking the time to do this interview so we can get to know you a little better!

Hope you learned a bit and are convinced you need chiropractic care in your life!

"the moment a child is born, a mother is also."

much love,


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