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5 Reasons to go to a real childbirth education class! | Eastern Shore of MD Birth Photographer

A doula explaining what happens in birth in Berlin MD

Guess what, I never took a childbirth education class. When I first got pregnant I had a doula friend that gave me some tips, I read a ton of books and had a supportive midwife at the hospital I was going to. Since that first birth, I've learned so much, have some regrets from my second birth, and want to help others to not make the same mistakes I did. So without further ado here are my 10 reasons for going to a real childbirth education class, and a few options!

1) The hospital offered class isn't all that helpful.

That's not completely true. The hospital class is really great to learn where everything is, where you will need to park and enter the hospital, what the hospital policies are, and what pain management options they offer.

2) You should know the physiology of birth.

When you know what is happening inside your body it does so many good things. All of these could be its own reason so consider these a bonus! Understanding what's happening will relieve anxiety. Knowledge will empower you to advocate. You will know when it's time to go to the hospital so you aren't there for too long. You will lessen the number of interventions that could be needed. You can help your body by working with it and allowing your body to take over and birth your baby! I get really excited about this subject so if you want to talk about it, give me a call!

3) You will learn what your options are even if you are planning an epidural or cesarean!

Getting an epidural or having a cesarean is still childbirth! So you should absolutely go to a class and learn all the options and understand what happens for either one. Have you heard about the walking epidural? What about a family-centered cesarean?! So many things to learn about!

4) There are so many options that are completely online!

The new "Netflix and Chill" (is that still a thing?) could be "childbirth education class and chill" sweat pants, no pants, doesn't matter when you're taking a class online! Workaround schedules and go at your own pace! TBH I've been thinking about taking a few of these online classes and I'm not even pregnant. #birthnerd

5) Be empowered and advocate for yourself!

This is a theme throughout this whole blog post but it's so important! When you know your options and can make informed decisions, it can lessen the chance of intervention and trauma if things go differently than expected. Knowledge is power, you guys!

A couple Learning comfort measures to prepare for birth in Berlin MD

Here are some great options for in-person, local childbirth education classes

Here are some great online options

There are so many more classes and methods for coping in labor but I hope these couple options help you out!

Preparing for birth in Berlin MD

"The moment a baby is born, a mother is born also"

much love,


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